Our Customers

Roger and I are pleased with your service and will definitely contact you again when the need arises.  We will also recommend your service wherever we can. 

Roger and I applaud what you are doing.  It is one thing to understand the need to help those with intellectual disabilities and, as well, those with physical disabilities; it is quite another thing to translate that understanding into tangible efforts and success.  It is pretty obvious that you are, or have, an organization expert at work!

-Patricia and Roger Juniper

Thank you for making it all so easy - what a brilliant service you and Anthony have.  My sister-in-law was absolutely delighted, and especially loved meeting Anthony.

-Naomi Glancy, United Kingdom

I am so glad to have found this service!  Who knows when I would have found the time to go myself downtown to Hope Mission to give them the clothes. Thank you so much for this alternative, I will certainly use the service again.

-Linda Godwin, Canadian Organizers Group

Thanks for the great service and the great work you do. I will tell my relatives in Edmonton about you guys. All the best.

-Frank Van Gisbergen

Everyone feels good when Anthony comes to the office. We know when he takes our dental cases to our clients he's bringing them that same good feeling as well.

-Julie Brown, Brown & Hone Orthodontic

We believe in the dignity of a job for people with disabilities and you guys do a great job at it!

-Donna Heron, Goodwill Industries of Alberta


He's got a smile on his face, he says hello when he walks on the door, he picks up his balloons and delivers them out. We've had a really good response.

-Delores Hager, The Balloon Store


We love using Anthony at Your Service. We wouldn't use anyone else!



We use Anthony at Your Service because they are capable. They aren't going to lose the merchandise. I know they will deliver it straight from the store to our customers. They are very reliable. 

-Guy Thaller, Val Berg's

We hired Anthony at Your Service to deliver guides to over 100 hotels and information centres. Fast, reliable, fantastic service. We would definitely recommend them for deliveries and special projects!

-Tineke de Jong, Old Strathcona Business Association

I also want to tell you that we really like working with all of you! I love how much joy and humour everyone shares.

-Linda Rumpel, Press'd Emerald Hills


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