Privacy Policy

Anthony at Your Service understands that protecting the privacy of our customers is essential. We have developed our privacy policy in accordance with Alberta’s Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA). Here is how Anthony at Your Service protects personal information:

Anthony at Your Service only collects information essential to provide reliable, timely and caring delivery services. This includes names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses needed for the delivery and for billing purposes. Only select Anthony at Your Service staff and delivery teams, who need the information for delivery or billing purposes, have access to personal information. Personal information is never sold, shared or given to any third party not affiliated with the transactions, unless the law requires it.

Information on outstanding and paid accounts becomes part of the permanent record required for accounting and taxation purposes. However, the personal information is not disclosed, and the security of the information remains a high priority.

Delivery teams agree to maintain the privacy of any items we are asked to deliver that may contain private information. Where Anthony at Your Service is requested to deliver documents, delivery teams do not open sealed envelopes or packages. Teams do not open folders, file boxes, or other parcels that may not be sealed by the sender. Nor do teams review electronic information they may be asked to deliver. These items are delivered directly from the sender to the receiver so that they are never left unattended in a vehicle.