Services made just for you!

When you call Anthony at Your Service, you get more than a friendly reception. We take time to understand your needs. Your job is done just for you, at your preferred time, and to your specifications! Your job doesn’t have to fit into pre-set times or locations, and your scheduled delivery will not be rushed or sloppy or impersonal.

It may seem odd, but it’s precisely because Anthony at Your Service creates jobs for men and women with intellectual disabilities, that we are able to offer you premium, customized services. Our service agents want to get it right, so they have drivers, or assistants, who help them perform the jobs properly at a reasonable pace. They care about what they are doing and are so proud to have paying jobs. As a result, our delivery teams take the utmost care of your items.

Whatever your job, you can be sure the teams at Anthony at Your Service are proud to deliver the best service possible!


Whether you need regular deliveries, one-of-a-kind, or a series of drop offs, Anthony at Your Service gets it done when you want it, where you want it, and how you want it. From catering to compost, flyers to files, and magazines to meals, if it fits in our vehicles, Anthony at Your Service will deliver! We know your items are important, so we focus on delivering just your item, just the way you want it done. That’s what makes us Edmonton’s premium delivery service!

Choose us for your unique job:

  • Catering deliveries

  • Cake deliveries

  • Meal pickups and deliveries

  • Food deliveries (Ready to cook meals or prepared meals. So sorry, we are not able to do fast food deliveries)

  • Customized flyer deliveries

  • Gift deliveries

  • Gift basket deliveries

  • Grocery pickups and deliveries

  • Inter-store/office deliveries

  • Regular, routine deliveries - daily, weekly, monthly

  • Seasonal deliveries

  • Mass deliveries, like magazines or flyers

  • Special event deliveries (balloons, cakes, etc.)

  • Other ideas we haven’t thought of yet

If it fits in a car, van or SUV, Anthony at Your Service will deliver!

Please provide us at least three (2) business days notice to confirm your deliveries. We may not be able to accomodate same day requests.


FLYERS AND Assembly Tasks

Need a service that’s not a delivery? There are several ways Anthony at Your Service can make a valuable difference to you or your business.


When you want your flyer delivery targeted to certain neighbourhoods or specific streets, Anthony at Your Service will be happy to deliver. Our teams love delivering flyers precisely to the areas you choose and we get the work done speedily, carefully and on time.  Meanwhile, you can get on with other important work.

Anthony at Your Service can accommodate specific neighbourhoods, streets or address requests. Please provide us at least three (3) business days notice to ensure that we can schedule appropriate teams for your required area and deadline.

ASsembly Tasks

Sometimes you or you staff just don’t have time for fiddly, repetitive jobs - like envelope stuffing, assembling marketing kits, filling swag bags, or putting together conference kits. Anthony at Your Service can do this for you in the time frame you need. Face it. You (or your staff) don’t have time for this. Our teams love this type of work and take pride in putting things together the way you want them.  Let us take this off your plate.

  • Services include:

    • envelope stuffing

    • swag bag packing

    • marketing kit assembly

Please provide us at least three (2) business days notice to ensure that we can schedule appropriate teams for your required area and deadline.